A history of Rob Roy Hillclimb - 1937 to 1961 - The Hill, The Drivers, The Cars

The Hill

Rob Roy Books
12 years of research culminating in a concise history of Australia's first dedicated car hillclimb venue which gained a reputation as Australia's Shelshley Walsh in the early years.
The book covers the early history of the Light Car Club of Australia and the beginnings of Rob Roy from 1936 until its demise in 1961. It concludes with the resurrection of Rob Roy Hillclimb by the MG Car Club Victoria, and its place in modern hillclimbing today.

The Drivers

Every meeting is covered, including the pre-war period featuring Peter Whitehead, Jack Day, Tim Joshua, Frank Kleinig and Arthur Wylie.
The post-war period covers the early years of Lex Davison, Arthur Wylie, Tony Gaze, Doug Whiteford, and many others.
The years between 1950 to 1961 document the exploits of Stan Jones, Davison, Bruce Walton, Bill Patterson all driving Coopers.

The Cars

Cars, which started or developed their racing history at Rob Roy include the Chamberlain, Maybach, BWA, Wyliecar, Klienig Special, and the Walton JAP among numerous other Australian Specials.
Every meeting is documented, with a description from magazine and newspaper reports of the era, plus driver interviews conducted over the last 12 years.
An historical account of every class and outright record is documented and enriched with an index referenced to include drivers, cars and times.
The text is supported with over 120 photographs, many from previously unpublished private collections.
Leon Sims tackling Rob Roy Hillclimb

About The Author

Born in Preston, Victoria in 1950, Leon Sims had a passion for cars from the time he was a young child. His father would play a game of "name that car" on family drives. A series of Citroens, Fiats, Studebakers and Chevrolets flowed through the Sims family garage over those early years.
Leon's first cars were influenced by those childhood years, with a Renault Dauphine and his first Citroen Traction Avant. The Citroen led him to becoming a member of the Citroen Car Club of Victoria and then a founding member of the Classic Citroen Owners Club of Australia. Terms of editor were served with both clubs.
During the mid-70s an MGB was purchased, followed by an MGA, ZB Magnette and then a couple of Alfa Romeos. During this time an association with the MG Car Club Victoria began. Being elected to the MGCC Committee in the early 1980s, he served twelve years in various positions. Two roles that generated this book were the positions of editor of the club journal, Wheelspin, and that of founder of Friends of Rob Roy.

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